NorCal is committed to helping leaders develop in a variety of ways.One of the ways in which we can resource you as a ministry leader is through coaching.  Why coaching?

All around you in ministry you see people who are reaching their goals and accomplishing Kingdom mission.How do you get to the desired destination? Who can walk alongside you? Where will you find the resources and direction you need?

Coaching is a relational process of coming alongside a person or a team to help them discover how to live out God's agenda for life and ministry, and then cooperating with the Holy Spirit to see that agenda become a reality.

Many people have discovered that coaching has been a missing link.Coaching that will help put you on mission.Coaching that can lead to transformation.Coaching that can help you see vision become reality.

We have NAB CoachNet ( trained coaches available to walk with your and help you achieve the goals God has called you to accomplish.

What coaching does?

  • Provides encouragement
  • Bridges the gap between vision and reality
  • Cultivates wisdom and strategic insights
  • Discovers breakthrough opportunities
  • Maintains focus on the truly important
  • Empowers you to fulfill God's calling

Who can be coached?
Almost everyone would benefit from coaching. We are directing our initial efforts toward coaching pastors, paid staff, church elders and board chairs, NCD Church Health team leaders, volunteer ministry team leaders and leadership development facilitators.

How does coaching work?
Coaching can provide the traction and momentum in your ministry to transform lives. A coach can help you gain perspective and press on toward the goal through the art of focused listening, powerful questions, and strategic insights.

A coaching relationship with one of our NorCal Coachnet trained coaches is a one-year commitment to facilitate the effectiveness of your ministry and accelerate the achievement of your goals. Coaching is comprised of a monthly telephone coaching conversation, supported through CoachNet's online coaching tool. This vehicle allows you to set your agenda, monitor progress, address challenges, share prayer concerns, and determine priority action points.

How much does coaching cost?
NorCal offers a 12 month coaching experience to pastors, staff and ministry leaders serving churches within The NorCal Association.

A FREE membership to CoachNet ( is required for the coaching relationship. Go to CoachNet to sign up.

Available Coaches
To investigate coaching or connect with a coach please contact Rick Weber, NorCal Regional Minister.

The PATH from CoachNet
Coaching allows you to get to where you want to go. Here's how a coach can help guide you along your path in ministry:

The Parking Lot
Think of accomplishing ministry initiatives as hiking a path. To even get to the path, the motivation has to be there to leave the parking lot. The parking lot is where we sit and decide whether we want to make the journey up the path. What path do we want to travel and why? What are the costs? Will it be worth it to go there? Who will want to go with us? Those who decide the journey is worth it leave the parking lot and arrive at the trailhead.

The Trailhead
At the trailhead, our guide gives us an overview of the trail. Where exactly are we going? What kind of terrain can we expect along the way? Who else has made the decision to join us at the trailhead? What are the major milestones we will pass along the way? And then we confirm our decision to hike the trail by taking the first step.

The Trail
At the beginning, our guide leads the way. We follow, matching their pace, taking notice of their technique, imitating them. After all, they know this trail; they have hiked it before. The guide provides some initial direction. Soon, the instructions taper off and we are walking alongside the guide. We begin to gain confidence; we can do this. We check in with the guide only periodically now.

The Campfire
As we all sit down around a campfire ring, rehydrating with our water bottles, fellow journeyersbegin asking each other questions: "How did you avoid that river?" "Where did you get those shoes?" Tips are exchanged and adapted to the needs of the hiker. The conversation becomes sprinkled with laughter as common struggles are shared-- and somehow seem less daunting in the sharing: "Oh, you struggled with that last hill too? I was afraid I'd be the only one out of shape." After dinner and sleep, we start out again next morning.

End of the Trail
At last we arrive at the destination. Everyone can feel the sense of accomplishment. "It was hard but we did it!" "Aren't you glad we didn't stay in the parking lot?" "There were times I thought I wasn't going to stick with it, but 'm so glad I did." Congratulations are exchanged all around and energy is running high. We begin exchanging plans for future hikes. "Hey, I've always wanted to hike the Grand Canyon. I think that's next on my list." "What about you?" "Me? I want to take my friends along next time-- I bet they'd love this!" (