You can make a difference.

OVERFLOW STUDENT MINISTRIES is the youth ministry department of the North American Baptist Conference of churches.

For the past few years, North American Baptist youth ministries have begun to strategically partner with organizations and churches all over the world for the sole purpose of helping further youth ministry within certain regions and countries.  At the past two Youth Gathering conferences, the students and youth ministries in attendance exceeded expectations with their giving toward the ministries that were highlighted.   This mission offering is designed for students to allow the love of Jesus Christ to "OVERFLOW" into the lives of others.


Our vision is three-fold.  
1. Connecting youth leaders throughout our conference with one another.  
2. Connecting students throughout our conference with one another. 
3.  Connecting the student ministries throughout our conference with a project and ministry overseas.

We have very specific ways in which we apply our vision:
1. Youth Worker's Summit.  
2. The Gathering.  
3. The Overflow Project. 

Take some time to check out this site in order to know more about how you can get involved in all three!