Planting Churches

Planting Churches is a high value for The NorCal Association.  We believe church planting is essential if we are going to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Almost 30 of the 42 existing churches that make up The NorCal Association have been planted since 1980.  We believe planting churches is the function of the local church.  NorCal partners with local congregations to encourage and resource churches planting churches.  NorCal partners with Excel Leadership Network to support the local church in assessment, training, coaching and the legal issues involved in planting.

If you or your congregation is interested in church planting, contact Rick Weber, Regional Minister (  Schedule a time to explore how NorCal can support you and/or your congregation in planting. 

Join us as we explore the potential of planting new churches, populating Northern California with scores of new churches reaching thousands of people with the gospel message.

We cooperate with Hispanics for Christ in planting Spanish speaking congregations.

Hispanic Ministries
Hispanic congregations:
Please view their website for most current information

To donate to Hispanics for Christ Ministry:
Hispanics for Christ c/o Stafford Baptist Church
23215 SW Newland Road
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Recent videos:

·       Video Viewing of NorCal Planting.

·       Video Viewing of Casa de Luz/Stockton with planter Rommel Ticas.

·       Video Viewing of Hope Community/Antelope with planter John Cassidy.

·       Video Viewing of Citywalk/Yuba City with planter Chris Finchum.