Resourcing Congregations

The NorCal Association is committed to helping established congregations grow and become healthy.  Each association cooperates with NAB International to utilize resources and tools that will help churches evaluate and strengthen their ministry.

Ethos is designed to help churches join God on mission in the midst of a rapidly shifting culture.  Each module is designed to help churches and leaders live like Christ and participate in God's mission in everyday life.


Coaching is available to pastors, staffs and ministry team leaders who express a desire, pending availability of a certified coach.  NorCal uses the CoachNet ( online coaching tool.   The CoachNet tool is FREE and can be found on the CoachNet site.  Please contact for more information.

Here is what one person shared about her coaching experience:
"Coaching is a relationship, which focuses on the future, empowering a person to be all that God created them to be.Over the past ten months, I have had the privilege to be in a coaching relationship with a CoachNet certified coach.My coach helped me to be more effective in my ministry, held me accountable to the important, rather than the urgent, areas of my life and walked with me as I explored new opportunities.I would recommend coaching for anyone who wants to be a more effective servant of Christ."

Natural Church Development/Church Consultation is a tool for evaluating church health.  NCD features 8 characteristics of a healthy church.  Local churches are encourage to survey their congregation using the NCD tool.  The results are then scored and returned to the church with a consultation and opportunity to map out specific strategies to increase health and strength in that local church.


Many people think of a house of worship as a safe area where violence and emergencies cannot affect them. However, violence in houses of worship is not a new phenomenon. In addition to violent acts, fires, tornados, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and arson also affect houses of worship. With many incidents occurring with little to no warning, many houses of worship are developing and updating plans and procedures to ensure the safety and security of their congregations, staff, and facilities.