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The mission of the North American Baptist Conference is to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ at home and internationally. This can best be accomplished as we combine the strength of all member churches. The International Office seeks to support this mission by helping churches and mission fields develop leaders who are able to multiply ministries in their respective settings. 

Priorities of the NAB International Office

  1. Impact the NEXT Community – Churches are encouraged and resourced to look beyond their present location. How can NAB churches impact people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Is there a tangible need to be met, a ministry to start, a church to be planted?
  2. Reach the NEXT Nation The next nation might be in your present community or it could be in a community across the oceans. Churches are encouraged and equipped to develop relationships with the nations both at home and overseas.
  3. Equip the NEXT Generation This generation may be in their teens or in their 60’s. We intentionally equip and develop leaders of every generation to impact their community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Diverse and Growing

The North American Baptist Conference is a family of over 400 churches with more than 74,000 worshippers in the United States and Canada. Founded by an immigrant missionary, North American Baptists are a diverse group of believers representing many cultures and languages. You’ll find us worshipping in small rural churches, large auditoriums, schools, storefronts, and homes. In addition we have the privilege of bringing the gospel to five continents (Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and North America) through mission endeavors.

Regional Connections

Each of our local churches chose to be part of the North American Baptist Conference because they wanted to be part of a larger church family focused on making disciples. That decision to cooperate with others is a very important witness to our unity in Christ.

Much of that cooperation can be seen locally through 13 NAB Regions that allow many of our churches to network, maximize resources, and partner on important initiatives.

The Time is Now

We’re humbled that God has chosen us to be a part of His massive redemption story. The moment to dive headlong into the adventure God is calling us to is now. Together, we’ll do all He asks of us and partner for the purpose of expanding His Kingdom.

The North American Baptist Conference is associated with:

The Baptist World Alliance (BWA)
The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE)
Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA)
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC)
Misseo Nexus
Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission (SOE)

Church Investors Fund, otherwise known as CIF, is a not-for-profit financial institution, an affiliated organization of the North American Baptist.  Their mission is to assist local churches within the United States and Canada with facilities development - helping them respond to God's call to make disciples.

Primary purpose is to help spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by providing financing for the acquisition, construction and remodeling of churches, parsonages and other projects for NAB churches and organizations to enable them to expand their ministries. These funds are made available by offering competitive investment opportunities for the constituency of the North American Baptist Conference and those associated with an NAB organization.  Here is a copy of their new video to share with your church.  The video is under two minutes in length and has been found to be a great lead-in to sermons focused on tithing or financial stewardship.

Church Investors Fund-  9401 E Stockton Boulevard, Suite 240 Elk Grove, CA 95624   www.churchinvestorsfund.org   800.543.2343   ceif@ceif.org

Sioux Falls Seminary

Sioux Falls Seminary has been equipping servant leaders for the ministries of Christ in the church and in the world since 1858. The seminary was founded in Rochester, New York, and moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in 1949.  In addition to its affiliation with the North American Baptist Conference, the seminary serves the educational needs of its region.

Strongly evangelical, Sioux Falls Seminary has been offering its students practical ministry experiences for years.  Students are placed in churches or other places of ministry where they are able to preach, teach, and lead worship or see clients through the seminary's Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic, all of which enhance classroom instruction.  Today, with its In Ministry programs, the seminary is paving new roads in Contextual Learning by seeking to reach students who can not relocate to Sioux Falls or commit to seminary full time.  Personalized learning options, flexible scheduling, online and hybrid courses, and more are offered to all students to help meet their needs. 

Due to its size and educational approach, Sioux Falls Seminary has much more to offer students than just degree programs—attending Sioux Falls Seminary is an experience.  Study at Sioux Falls Seminary, will not only equip you for ministry, but more so, transform you.  A strong sense of community and personal relationships with faculty are just a few of the benefits Sioux Falls Seminary offers.

Sioux Falls Seminary is known for its creative, relational teaching in adult learning models. Flexibility within the degree programs allow a student to address his or her career goals. Sioux Falls Seminary is also noted for its strong placement record.

Denominational diversity within the student body fosters a broadening of thought and perspective. Classes allow for rich interaction between students and faculty.

Sioux Falls Seminary emphasizes a Bible-focused curriculum with spiritual formation and hands-on ministry experiences. We are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada.

If you have a question or concern, please let us know by contacting us at:

•Address: 2100 S. Summit, Sioux Falls, SD 57105
•Phone: 605.336.6588 or toll free at 800.440.6227
•E-mail: info@sfseminary.edu or admissions@sfseminary.edu

To learn more about Sioux Falls Seminary and its mission of equipping servant leaders for the ministries of Christ in the church and in the world, visit www.sfseminary.edu or call 605.336.6588.


An organization that is fundamentally a learning and a praying community whose life together (i.e. our processes, services & team) invites believers and local communities to vantage points where they can discover more deeply who God is, who they are, and what God desires to do through them.

As a result of our efforts in cooperation with the Spirit’s leading and work, we see individuals particularized, awakened and ignited for Kingdom life and influence.

As a result of our efforts in cooperation with the Spirit’s leading and work, we see Christian leaders who are paying attention to the people around them, intentionally walking alongside others in their communities, patiently investing in their development and maturity.

As a result of our efforts in cooperation with the Spirit’s leading and work, we see churches and organizations becoming vital places of learning—communities where men and women are consistently invited and mentored into a life of apprenticeship with Jesus amidst the ordinary everydayness of their lives.

As a result of our efforts in cooperation with the Spirit’s leading and work, we see a tribe of Christian leaders extending throughout North America and beyond, a fellowship of learners who are gripped and bound together by a more relational way of doing life and ministry—an economy of “leaving the ninety-nine for the one” (Matthew 18:10-14) that honors the uniqueness of who God has created and redeemed each person to be.

We as a praying and learning community are alert to the stunning reality that God is always and already up to something good in the world; and we are humbled at the invitation we have received to participate with God in this good work. 

Taylor Seminary College

Taylor College and Seminary is a Canadian evangelical post-secondary institution, with a mission to develop Christ-minded leaders who make a difference in the world.

Taylor Seminary is a growing graduate school, with newly re-designed programs and course delivery models that are changing to meet the needs of today’s adult learner. Students today often learn in the context of active ministry, so convenient course schedules, modular and intensive courses and (of course) online courses are important. Taylor has also begun to offer a condensed 77-hour MDIV program, a new offering that has been enthusiastically embraced by our students.

Taylor is also home to the new E P Wahl Centre, a place of lifelong Kingdom learning. Essentially, the Wahl Centre offers non-credit training for lay leaders as well as vocational ministry workers. We have offered courses and workshops on scripture, sound technology, pastoral care visitation, culture, theology, church planting, social justice, children’s ministry, parenting, and more.

Taylor was founded under the name Christian Training institute in 1940. It has functioned as a Bible college and as a university college as well as a divinity school in its 70-year history, and has alumni serving in many different vocations and ministries all around the world. Taylor has a long-standing affiliation with the North American Baptist Conference, but intentionally ecumenical, and welcomes students from many other denominational backgrounds.

Taylor College and Seminary is debt-free and is moving into a new era of stability. With the encouragement and support of our constituents, Taylor has been able to move through some serious challenges, and is well on its way to and financial health. Our faculty and staff are committed to our re-organizational efforts and to the success of our students – particularly in terms of spiritual and academic development. Our vibrant student body, and our many alumni around the world, stand as testimony to an education experience that leads to a lifetime of fruitful ministry. We invite you to come and learn with us!

Programs Offered

Master of Divinity
Master of Theological Studies
Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies
Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies: TESOL Concentration
Diploma in Christian Studies
Diploma in Intercultural Studies
Diploma in TESOL Studies
Certificate in Biblical Exposition
Certificate in pastoral Care
Certificate in Pastoral Leadership
Certificate in Spiritual Formation
DMin (offered jointly with Carey Theological College)

Program Delivery

Semester Courses (on campus) – Tuesdays and Thursdays
Cluster Classes
Evening Classes
Weekend Courses
Online Courses
January Intersession
Spring Session

Of special note is Taylor’s annual E.P. Wahl Lecture Series, offered as a day-long continuing education opportunity with a leading evangelical scholar. Since 1986, this lecture series, usually held in March, has become an essential event for many in ministry; you are invited to check Taylor’s upcoming events listings for details.

Taylor Seminary is an accredited member of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada.

Residential Living
Taylor offers various options for accommodation on campus. Muller Hall, located next door to our main instructional space, offers 1- and 2-bedroom suites, some with full kitchens; laundry facilities are on-site.

Taylor College and Seminary Contact Information
Taylor College & Seminary is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Contact us by Mail:
Taylor College & Seminary
11525 - 23 Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta T6J 4T3

Telephone: (780) 431-5200
1 (800) 567-4988 (toll free)
Fax: (780) 436-9416




Hispanics For Christ

Please view their website for most current information 

To donate to Hispanics for Christ Ministry:
Hispanics for Christ  c/o Stafford Baptist Church
23215 SW Newland Road
Wilsonville, OR 97070